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Web 3.0: Component driven responsive design

Responsive web design is now a mature method to create layouts for desktop and smaller width screens.  We rely on media queries that detect the screen width to adjust the layout and widths of our pages and their components. The issues we face with responsive web design is that we can’t always easily move a section of a page onto a new page without work to recreate its responsive behaviour within the context of the new page container. This is where a new method called responsive component design helps to address this specific problem.    Responsive components are self contained parts of a page that are completely portable. You can move them to new pages of your site and they will adjust their layout and size based on the neighbouring components on the page.  Responsive design, by contrast adjusts the widths of components based solely on the page width.  As of Q4 2021 responsive components are currently rendered using JavaScript.  I expect based on the technical community focus on this a