Rant: Don't name your mobile app with a pronoun prefix

Dear companies and organisation that create mobile apps,

I have noticed some of you use a poor naming convention for your mobile apps such as 'My _insert company name__'; or even more criminal, not including your name in the app name.

Here I'm going to name and shame the guilty offenders of this usability crime that I can see on my own Android device:

Odeon app is inventively named myODEON

Talkmobile app is creatively named My Talkmobile

Huawei app is slyly named My HUAWEI

Ladbrokes Poker app is cleverly named Poker (this is far worse - omitting the company name entirely)

Sainsburys banking app is succinctly named Bank (this is the worst one)

Im sure there are many many more...and its definitely a pet hate of mine, to go to so much effort make a dedicated app and then cock-up the usability by poor naming is unforgivable!


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